GuessWhat, Unveil the mystery as fast as you can !

You will need patience and discernment to be among the best players !

The game is very simple. Every day, all the players compete on the same picture. They must try to determine what is hidden under the squares, according to the selected category (animal, object, place, celebrity …) as fast as they can. At 7 am, the game starts. Out of a hundred squares in total, seven are revealed. At 8 am, more squares are shown and so on until 8 pm. Each player can try their luck once an hour, as long as they haven’t cracked the mystery. A correct answer given between 7 am and 8 am is worth 500 points. The same answer given an hour later is worth 400 points, and so on. Points add up day after day.

✅ Entirely free
✅ No ads
✅ No account needed
✅ No personal information required
✅ Suitable for all : adults, teenagers, children
✅ Enable or disable Push notifications (beginning of the game and/or new steps)


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